Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Passion Project Update 2


So far I've been able to research big wave surfing, trick surfing, the history of surfing, surfing nowadays, Mavericks, what you need to trick surf, and big wave surf. I also included some things about my favorite surfers! I emailed Clark Little a while ago and I haven't heard back (I'm not surprised). I also emailed Julian Wilson, which I am very excited about! Next I plan to research different surfboards, why people are scared to surf, and I might do a profile on Jamie Mitchell and Julian Wilson. It hasn't been very difficult to find information, I've been successful in everything so far with the exception of hearing back from Julian Wilson and Clark Little. I am really enjoying my passion project so far and I feel like I've learned a lot.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Passion Project Update #1

I have started my passion project on surfing. I have done some research on the history of surfing and I'm intrigued by how interesting the history is. It's important to know the history of surfing for my project so I can compare and contrast surfing then to surfing now.  I have also found the dictionary definition of surfing, it's different than what most people would think of and that's interesting too. I emailed Clark Little, and he hasn't responded yet, and I've been having trouble finding other surfers' email addresses since most of them are strictly for business only. I don't think I'm going to be able to find all of the information I want because surfing isn't extremely popular. I did well finding my information and my site I used seems reliable and factual. I think I will be able to use another website: Next, I should go into surfing nowadays, maybe start to talk about big wave surfing vs. trick surfing. I'll probably talk about why I like both, which one is my favorite, etc.